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In The Press • 10 Feb 2023

Bowie Fans Revolutionize Heart Surgery: Simplifying Medical Imaging for the Future

Dublin-based cardiac imaging company, LUMA Vision, is making significant strides towards transforming the field of medical imaging.

Since its inception in 2017 (or 2015, if we’re being precise), the company has been dedicated to tackling a crucial challenge in cardiac care.

Collage of 3 images.Two people discussing Luma Vision. A close-up photo of a small medical instrument being examined by 2 people. and a Larger group of people in a discussion.

Co-founders Lahart and Hennersperger are now on the cusp of seeking approval from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for their groundbreaking product.

So, what exactly does this innovative product offer? According to Lahart’s statement last September in Austin, Texas, where they captivated judges and fellow participants at the EoY executive retreat, LUMA Vision aims to address a persistent issue. Currently, a significant number of patients require multiple visits for repetitive procedures.

Dr. Christoph Hennersperger - Co-Founder & CTO

Hennersperger explained that these treatments are performed using endovascular techniques, employing a small catheter to access the heart and administer localized treatment. However, the main drawback lies in the limited imaging capabilities currently available to doctors.

This milestone marks a turning point for LUMA Vision as they prepare to embark on human clinical trials.

Essentially, they find themselves operating in the dark, unable to directly visualise the intricate details of the heart’s condition—an undeniable challenge that LUMA Vision aims to overcome.

Two Luma Vision doctors analyzing a medical scan of a patient.

With €26 million in funding already secured, LUMA Vision is poised for success. The company’s vision is to revolutionise medical imaging and transform the way cardiac care is administered.

The co-founders firmly believe that their technology has the potential to shape the future of medical imaging for years to come. Seeking FDA approval in 2023 represents a critical milestone in LUMA Vision journey towards bringing their groundbreaking solution to the medical community.

In conclusion, Bowie fans and medical innovators Lahart and Hennersperger are blazing a trail in the field of heart surgery.

By providing enhanced imaging capabilities, they aim to minimise repeat procedures, ultimately improving patient outcomes. With their tireless efforts and groundbreaking technology, LUMA Vision is primed to transform medical imaging and revolutionise the way heart conditions are diagnosed and treated.

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Please note: at the time this article was written LUMA Vision was called OneProjects